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We are a strong, customer – focused company with a firm quest for manufacturing only high class quality chillers, for industrial application, wherever heat extraction is a necessity.

Over the years we strengthened our growing brand image because we:

  • We rigorously adhere to “ The Upasani Philosophy”:
  • Effectively respond to the changing needs and expectations of our customers, ................ Read more

Who we are

Established in the year 1998
Based in Thane, Western Maharashtra, India.
Totally committed to manufacturing quality chilling and cooling equipment systems for various industries with variable requirements.
Emphasis on flexible, energy efficient cooling solutions for all industries, through use of high quality components and incorporating latest available technology.ead more
Dependable products with an endless list of options and modifications, to meet every customer's needs and specific applications.
Customer satisfaction through innovative ideas and flexibility.
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Prominent& Leading Manufacturer and Supplier from Mumbai, we offer Plastic Crates and Pallets such as Plastic
Bins, Industrial Plastic Crates, Plastic Pallets, FPO Plastic Bins, Crates and Pallets, Plastic Crates and many more............... Read more
Offering you a complete choice of products which include Garbage Bins such as Waste Management
System, Steel Bin, 4 Wheeled Mobile Garbage Bins, FRP Bins, Wheel Bin, Stationary Bin and many.......................... Read more
Offering you a complete choice of products which include Industrial Trolleys such as Castor Trolleys,
Platform Trolleys, 3 Wheel Drum Trolleys, Drum Trolley and Platform Trolley. The offered product is available...........Read more
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