About us

We are a strong, customer – focused company with a firm quest for manufacturing only high class quality chillers, for industrial application, wherever heat extraction is a necessity.

Over the years we strengthened our growing brand image because we:

  • We rigorously adhere to “ The Upasani Philosophy”:
  • Effectively respond to the changing needs and expectations of our customers,
  • Deliver equipments that meet the specifications and requirement of our customers
  • Believe our existence is because of our customers.
  • Aim to benefit our customers

Due Care is taken selection of the components to maintain the quality of the product with emphasis on efficiency and reliability especially in:

Refrigeration compressor

Every hermetic / semi-hermetic /scroll /screw compressors selected are rated to be the finest with high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and are available globally. The selection is not only based on the requirements of the customer but adequate details are taken into consideration about environment and ambience of the site so that the unit works efficiently throughout its operational life. Over and above adequate protection is provided in the system to the compressor in the system to prevent its failure.


Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers are extensively used as evaporator in the system designed by us. It has been acknowledged the world over that the overall heat transfer efficiency in brazed Plate Heat Exchangers is very high compared to conventional methods. This translates in lesser running time of the compressor. Evaporators with submerged coil-in-tank as well as shell and tube are used only on need basis.


The air-cooled / water-cooled condensers are designed and manufactured as per our specifications. Care is taken to enhance the surface area of the condenser in order to work at higher ambient temperatures and are tailored to operate efficiently even at peak ambient conditions at the place of installation.

Controls and Safety Features

All components, controls and accessories are subjected to set scrutiny norms and tests before incorporating them in the system to ensure product reliability.

The units are equipped with
+ Electronic controller with digital display to monitor the water temperature
+ High condensation pressure trip & low evaporator pressure trip device
+ Filter Drier to ensure that the system remains free from moisture residue
+ Solenoid Valve to prevent liquid flow to the evaporator & compressor in stop periods
+ Thermostatic Expansion Valve to control exact feed of the refrigerant to the evaporator
+ Inspection Sight Glass with moisture indicator showing Freon gas status
+ Water flow monitor to sense water flow to the evaporator
+ Fault indicating display
+ Adequate electrical protection using field proven and globally acknowledged controllers and protection devices.

How we work

1. Understanding customer's requirement:

The new customer is encouraged to have interaction with the company personnel's. Once the data is collected and analysed, the capacity and the type (water-cooled / air cooled) are selected. The customer is then educated on why the particular model is selected or will be designed, what are the benefits they will gain nd the value addition to the equipment.

2. Design and Manufacture

Every component to be used in the equipment is verified and tested prior incorporating in the unit. Various tests are conducted after assembly of the equipment. The workforce has been trained to adhere to the principles set by the company and the entire job is systematically carried out under complete supervision of qualified personnel.

3. Installation & Commissioning

Unless required, especially in advanced technological equipments, the customer is educated to carry out the installation and commissioning by following the step-by-step procedures printed in the manual that accompanies the chiller since most of the units are manufactured and despatched in ready-to-connect state.

It is why
products are preferred over others today.

4. Our Clients:

We have a broad range of clients covering almost the entire spectrum of manufacturing industry

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