Chillers for Printing Industry

This chiller is specially designed to operate in printing industry to regulate temperatures in presses and rollers leading to reduction of stretching and bleeding. It not only removes the heat generated by the friction of the printing rollers, but also cools down the paper after it comes out of the ink drying ovens in the process. This in turn decreases the time needed to print and improves efficiency. It has multiple outlets with a unique feature for return line, eliminating need for multiple pumps. These chillers are specifically designed according to the needs of individual clients observing stringent quality checks and fulfilling performance as per requirement.


  • Rugged and reliable
  • Designed according to requirement
  • Simple operations
  • Stainless Steel construction of wetted parts including motors
  • Bright LED's for fault indication display
  • Eco friendly refrigerant
  • Electronic Temperature Controller with variable settings and digital display (Totally automatic system with Programmable Logic Controller PLC can be provided as an optional feature)
  • Construction of unit designed for easy access to all components.
  • Adequate all round protection provided in the Refrigeration circuit.


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