Chillers for Metal Finishing

In metal finishing industry, specially anodizing, lot of heat is generated during the process and cooling becomes mandatory, particularly for hard coating processes. We have specially developed these chillers for the purpose .

In metal finishing industry we have noted that even in this age of technological advances, the age old method of coil-in-tank system is being used. Coil-in-tank system does work but its ability to cool the whole tank relies on the air agitation for even distribution. The cooling response depends on the quantum of air introduced in the bath. The co-efficient heat transfer against the newer technology is very low. Considering these factors along with other working parameters, we implemented the latest, specially manufactured Heat Exchanger for the purpose along with a chemical pump and eductor's. With this introduction we eliminated the air agitation and coil-in-tank system. This transition became a much needed alternate for the cumbersome coil-in-tank system as it increased the overall heat transfer efficiency, reduced the running time of the compressor,

improved productivity, brought on better finish and with the help of matching ancillaries augmented enormous electrical energy saving.

These chillers are designed in varying capacities according to the requirement of the customer. Sizing a chiller is extremely important. Most of the time, the chillers recommended by sales persons has no clue what metal finishing part entails and therefore are not sized properly, for the work being done. Knowing the process is imperative. It helps in designing the right capacity chiller to constantly give a consistent cooling. You have to be aware, that the closer the temperature can be held, the more uniform the overall results will be.

Some Salient Features
  • Rugged and compact
  • Consistent cooling – extremely important in metal finishing
  • All power controls housed in an electrical enclosure.
  • Electronic Temperature Controller with digital settings
  • Every chiller designed according to load conditions and site ambient conditions.
  • Large and bright LED fault indicating display
  • Refrigeration circuit includes sight glass with moisture indicator, filter drier and solenoid valve.
  • Anti-Freeze protection for Evaporator & Compressor
  • Can be designed in modules with provision for addition of capacity.
  • Construction of unit designed for easy access to all components.
  • Adequate all round protection provided in the Refrigeration circuit.
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