Combination Chillers

This is a special chiller designed to operate for different temperature combination with single refrigeration system in capacity up to 100 TR. Its application is varied and is suitable for almost any industry where cooling is necessary for production, especially where combinations of maximum of three separate units can be replaced with this single unit. It is designed and manufactured according to the needs and requirements of the customer. The chillers can be made available in air-cooled and water cooled versions


  • Rugged and compact
  • Separate settable electronic temperature controllers with digital display for each combination
  • Each combination can have different temperature and water flow rates
  • All power controls housed in an electrical enclosure.
  • Chiller designed according to load conditions and site ambient conditions.
  • Large and bright LED fault indicating display
  • Anti-Freeze protection for Evaporator & Compressor
  • Construction of unit designed for easy access to all components.
  • Adequate all round protection provided in the Refrigeration cycle.
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