Water Chiller

We manufacture wide range of water chillers, for different applications in various industries. The chiller comes installed with well known hermetic / semi hermetic / scroll / screw compressor selected on the basis of high EER, Plate Heat Exchanger as evaporator, Shell & Tube condenser for water-cooled version OR Fin & Tube condenser bullet expanded for air-cooked version, field proven refrigeration and electrical controls. The components are selected as per received data and site situations. The temperatures are monitored by an electronic temperature controller with digital display. The system is protected by fault diagnosing system, which shuts down cooling operations and prevents it from restarting until the fault is rectified. They are available in capacities from 2 TR (6964 watts) to 100 TR (349200 watts) both in air-cooled and water-cooled versions and can be designed according to specific requirements.

The chiller can also be supplied with microprocessor based controller with easy to read interface and data logging provision

Some Salient Features
  • All power and control components housed in an electrical panel enclosure.
  • Electronic Temperature Controller with variable settings and digital display (Totally automatic system with Programmable Logic Controller PLC can be provided as an optional feature)
  • The chillers are designed according to site ambient conditions.
  • Large and bright LED fault indicating display
  • Refrigeration circuit includes sight glass with moisture indicator, filter drier and solenoid valve.
  • Insulated stainless steel water storage tank.
  • Anti-Freeze protection for Evaporator & Compressor.
  • Construction of unit designed for easy access to all components.
  • Adequate all round protection provided in the Refrigeration circuit.
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